Southshore Massage & Reflexology

Aberdeen Washington


February 16th, 2016


Welcome to Southshore Massage and Reflexology!

Reception area of Southshore Massage

We are a group of practitioners with our own practices, under one roof, offering services for your well-being including reflexology, massage and a number of offerings that are unique to Grays Harbor.

Approaches include:

  • Reflexology
  • Ionic Detox
  • Massage and Bodywork
  • dōTERRA ArōmaTouch
  • Bowenwork
  • Tensegrity Medicine
  • Energetic Techniques
  • Skincare & Esthetics
  • Makeup
  • Lash Extensions
  • Waxing & Sugaring

To find out more about our individual practitioners and what each offers please read the Our Practitioners page. Or check out our service pages in the menu to the left.

Thank you to all of our clients who make it possible for us to be here to serve you!

Contact Us!

Did you know that if you need to make or change an appointment, you are best served by calling the practitioner directly? 

Reflexology, Ionic Detox, and Aroma Touch: Carolyn Wescott,  (360) 470-3006

Massage: Ashtyn Kohler, (360) 470-6263

Bowenwork, Tensegrity Medicine and Massage: Peter Spotts: (360) 280-6633

Esthetician: Skincare, Makeup, Waxing & Sugaring, Lash Extensions: Dawn Warren: (206) 459-0293

Kerrie Corwin has moved her office location. If you are looking to get in touch with her, please call her at (360) 590-1228.

Carolyn Wescott, Certified Reflexologist has expanded her offerings to include Energy/Emotion Release. If you feel stuck, weighed down, or like you are not moving forward? Do phobias, addictions, chronic pain or relationships burden you? Using applied kinesiology we ask the body if there is an underlining trapped emotion or an energy that needs to be let go of, find it and release it. Be free of the past. To experience the Emotion code, or any of Carolyn’s other offerings, give her a call at (360) 470-3006 or book online.

Peter Spotts has joined our space at Southshore Massage and Reflexology. Peter is an established Bowen practitioner and student of Tensegrity Medicine. Peter recently completed massage school and is ready to serve your needs, call Peter at (360) 280-6633 or book online.

Esthetician, Dawn Warren is now working out of Southshore Massage and Reflexology offering all types of skincare, waxing, lash extensions and makeup services. Book online or via text at (206) 459-0293.

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Southshore Massage & Reflexology

Aberdeen Washington